[STEM Ignite] 2021 Bootcamp arduino hackathon

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So one of those really cool things we love to do with our campers is organise hackathons. Once they have learned the basics of any concept, there’s no better way to put all of it in practice than organizing one competition infused tech skill show off!

The Most Complete Arduino MEGA Starter Kit

Today’s hackathon was based on the the Arduino UNO R3 starter kits. We spun up some digital designs from TinkerCard and had the campers split up into two teams that went head to head in a chrono battle to build the circuits as quickly as possible.

It was a battle against with Team Shark Vs Team Eagle

Team Eagles
Team Shark

Both teams where judged on how quickly and accurately they replicated the virtual circuits using the electronic components available from the kits.

The two circuits they completed on where;

  1. Two Way Traffic Light System
  2. Light Sensor Bulb

They had 5 mins each to replicate both wiring and write the correct code to make the circuits work as intended.

Teams going through all sorts of emotions as they figure out their battles.

Ultimately, there was no winner as both team were at a tie.

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