In Cameroon, Selma NDI Ekfvei and FRU Emmanuel, models of success of ICT University!

Selma NDI EKFVEI, Founder of Data Girl technologies and Emmanuel FRU Co-founder and CEO of Electram Engineering are pure products of ICT-University.Presented as models of success, they talk about their brilliant career at the University of Technology ‘Information and Communication based in the Messassi district in Yaound√©, Cameroon.

[KICK-OFF] STEM Education Bootcamp

The Bootcamp kicked-off on August 4th as scheduled. The hallways of the campus were flooded by a diverse group of individuals with one thing in common, a thirst for knowledge. While the bootcamp was planned only for high school and form 5 students, we had both graduate and undergraduate students in attendance.

Digital Marketing Talk – YIC Symposium 2018

Hey you! If you find yourself here then you were probably attending the Yes I Can Symposium for Empowering Empowerers on the 9th of Feb 2019. Well here’s a little take-away for you. I’ve taken out some time to upload my presentation on Digital Marketing for you to fully review and if chanced, leave any […]

WordPress 15th Anniversary – Yaounde WordPress Meetup Group

The Yaounde WordPress Community gathered today to celebrate with others all over the world, WordPress’ 15th Anniversary. It was a thrilling and enriching experience as always, gathering WordPress enthusiasts around Yaounde to partake in this event. As we celebrated, we did not go easy on the knowledge sharing part of the event. We had some […]